Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Wishing Bridge etc

This morning Hermione announced that she would like to visit a quarry to see what it looks like. I'm not certain what prompted this odd request but considering myself to be a 'facilitator' as opposed to an 'educator' I decided to brave the wind and rain and head out in search of a quarry which could be viewed. Thankfully it didn't take too long before we found ourselves here.

She was very pleased and marvelled at the machinery, mountains of sandstone (I think it was sandstone) and the gaping big chasm in the landscape.

We stopped for a spot of lunch and then on to the theatre to see a production called The Wishing Bridge written by Guy Hutchins.

On our way to the theatre we stumbled across an art gallery and decide to look in. I'm certainly no art buff but quite enjoy a browse around these places all the same. It was all looking a bit samey when suddenly I spotted a large original oil on canvas by Jurgen Gorg almost identical to this one. I was absolutely mesmerised by it and decided to enquire about the price - thinking it would be way out of my price bracket, probably a few hundred pounds. Well, it wasn't a few hundred pounds. It was £6,000 all but coppers. Don't you just hate it when that happens? I can't get the picture out of my mind though and have spent most of the evening Googling for a limited edition print of it - to no avail. Something else to assign to the *when I win the lottery* list.

Finally arrived at the theatre, a very small and intimate venue. It felt like we were actually on the stage. The mixture of story telling, mime, dance and live musical accompaniments were excellent. The story was a little complex and I'm not certain Hermione followed it all but she still enjoyed it. She talked about it as we drove home and her interpretation of the story didn't quite fall in with what I thought, but then I guess that's just how it is when it comes to theatre, particularly sort of abstract performance such as this.

Back home we admired the full moon and Hermione got out her watercolours and sat and painted, telling Nana more than once about the price of paintings in the gallery. She certainly spotted an opportunity there!

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