Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bonking bunny

The usual seasonal irritations such as not being able to find the end on the sellotape have been over shadowed round here by our rabbits new occupation.

He seems to have sussed that it is the season of good will and is attempting to spread joy amongst the hens all bloody day.

If one more meal time is ruined by Hermione jumping up from the table and running round and round whooping with laughter, shrieking about Prinlges 'doing the conga' with Fanjio, Omlet or Henrietta one more time I'm sure I will scream.

The hens don't seem perturbed.The rabbit looks happy albeit a little frustrated. Hermione thinks it's excellent that the animals are 'dancing'. Perhaps I'm being a spoil sport but I'm sick of it. All in all I think there's something rather unsavoury about a rabbit and hen doing 'the conga' along the deck all day.

Suggestions anyone?


Amanda said...

erm, I know I should'nt laugh....;0)

We had an indoor bunny years ago he took a liking to toys, cushions..
Maybe its worth talking to your vet about neutering him...

Ruth over MM will probably be more help.

ruth said...

Erm yes - get him neutered. If he already is then it is probably a territorial thing more then.. er gratification one. To stop him you could call eeepppp in a high pitched squeak - that is their warning call - and it should deter him. Other suggestion is he is lonely and needs a bunny friend but if you do they will both need to be neutered or spayed. Mine live in pairs of a buck and a doe and two bucks. Does need to be spayed at 6 months to make sure no little ones come along. Bucks together are more friendly to humans.

Claire said...

Thanks you for your suggestions.

Nana has spent a lot of time making high pitched noises at him while flapping her arms this afternoon - and it seems to have helped.

We have realised that out of the three hens he only tries it on with two. The other makes high pitched shrieking noises and flaps a lot when he does. We tried making a high sound when he was misbehaving and it helped but Nana discovered that flapping too really helped. Oh what will the neighbours think????

We can't be out there shrieking and flapping all day though. I fear he may still need a trip to the vet in the new year.