Sunday, 9 December 2007

Willow dome

The weather took a remarkable turn for the better today so we made an early start on the dome.

Here it is. I'm delighted with it. Only hope it takes root and flourishes.

Couldn't have done it without Soo who was a great help - particularly with the mallet. I think she liked that bit best - particularly when she hit my arm *grin*.


Wobblymoo said...

Well done Soo and Claire, did you deserve it (big grin)

4kidsandadog said...

this is one of those things that I keep meaning to do but never get round to..*rolls eyes*.

Claire said...

*did you deserve it (big grin)*

That's the irony, there are probably many times when I shouldn't be suprised if Soo were to hit me with a mallet, but I think I was on my best behaviour today :-)

soo said...

:-) :-)