Tuesday, 4 December 2007

This and that

Well, where do I begin? Not a lot going on here right now. Well that's wrong actually, there's been lots going on in my head I just haven't managed to translate much of it into action.

I decided a few weeks ago that things would be different this year. I wouldn't leave seasonal chores till the last minute. I would be organised so that the last couple of weeks before Yule/Christmas could be spent making orange and clove pomanders with the children while smelling the freshly baked biscuits turning golden in the oven. Yeah, right! So, here I am at the beginning of December (as opposed to the middle of December) in a gift/food/housework frenzy come trance. So, we may get to make our pomanders and stuff but I realise now I haven't *saved* the stress, I've just *moved* it. Ho, hum.

On a more positive note Hermione has finished making her heart shaped bag. Here it is. She's very proud of it. It has taken a few weeks but she's really stuck at it, doing a bit every few days.

I have decided to make a positive effort to reduce our carrier bag consumption and think I may well get involved in morsbags sociable guerilla bagging. I have responded to a message on our local Freecycle for two big bags full of fabric. Craig is going to collect them tonight. I think it is something that will now be shelved till the new year but I'm hoping that by late January we (myself and possibly some other home ed families) may get together to make/decorate some bags and chat about giving them out to family, friends or even a wider audience. If you are reading this and live local to me and would be interested please shout up!

I have found a source of willow! I am going to collect some on Saturday and am going to attempt to construct a willow dome in the garden on Sunday - I've read the book - surely it can't be too difficult? Watch this space!

Hermione made a newspaper from a newspaper today. She found a picture she liked and then cut out letters to construct her own headline. In keeping with the season it was then decorated with lots of glitter and stuff.

Managed to get quite a few of our ash saplings transplanted.

Certainly hoping for more constructive activity round here soon and in the mean time Hermione is counting down the days!


4kidsandadog said...

I've been using re-usable/fabric bags more this year and next hope to complety stop using plastic bags. Making your own sounds good :0)

I think Christmas is stressful, too much to do and not enough time. We're very low key here which does help!

I love H's bag! Its lovley :0)

lol @ the last photo!!

Claire said...

I've lost your blog :-(

I hope you are keeping well

4kidsandadog said...

No not lost, its gone now. Not enough time....

Wobblymoo said...

I think if we reduce our footprint bit by bit eventually everyone will do it as a matter of course. I always carry reusable bags round with me now.

Claire said...

Oh, that's a shame 4kidsandadog. I enjoyed reading your blog. Having said that I do sometimes question myself why I do this when I seem to be forever running round like a headless chicken complaining that I don't have enough hours in the day. Other times I really enjoy blogging though and see value in it. If you do decided to start again let me know :-)

You're right Wobbly about doing it bit by bit and I do think most people are becoming a lot more aware. A few years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of recycling, composting, car sharing etc. Now it all just seems like part of day to day life. Like you say, a bit at a time.