Wednesday, 19 December 2007

More stuff

A bit of a catch up on the last few days.

After the usual 'will it won't it' conversation we realised that once again the Christmas tree would not fit in the hall. Attempts at putting it up have left sappy marks on the ceiling which will have to be painted in January *sigh*.

Ten minutes later, with a good eighteen inches or so chopped off the top, it was up. Hurray!

We decided to leave the decorating till Miles was in bed, the least attention drawn to the baubles the better I thought. The rest of the day seemed to pass in a whirl of teifoc building, tea parties and book shopping.

With Miles sleeping soundly it was time to crank up the Christmas tunes, nibble mince pies and sip ginger wine while we all unravelled lights and strung baubles.

Hermione and Lily have spent time messing in the garden. Miles has been out too which is surprising for him these days as he seems to hate the cold.

We have made bird feeder baubles and pine cones. Miles sat up for well over an hour making them. He particularly seemed to enjoy spreading the lard on the cardboard. Hermione and Lily had enough after a while but Miles wouldn't leave the table till the lard was all gone!

My plans to do more 'work' with Hermione this week have fallen by the wayside. She has been to three Christmas parties within the last week and there is another on Friday. All in all things are just too hectic. Time to just go with the flo I think. We have finished reading What Katy Did and made a start on Mary Poppins.

I have stayed home for days awaiting the arrival of the kids new shoes. I didn't want to be out when the parcel came and then have to find the sorting office and so on. They finally arrived this afternoon. The children having new shoes wouldn't usually be a blog worthy event but I'm very excited about their new handmade made to measure shoes and Hermione has asked that I put pictures on here to make sure Auntie Helen sees them. Unfortunately they had been out in the garden before I had a chance to quickly snap them. Nothing looks new for long around here!

Also, within the last week Miles has had his first ever haircut. No more wispy fluffy hair round here. Feeling rather sad about that. Also, today was the first day he went happily into a pram. I'm not into prams at all. I tried Miles in one a couple of times when he was weeks old and it didn't go well. I've not tried since. We've just bumbled along with our slings, pouches and hip seat. I've been having trouble with my back recently though so Soo let me use her old pram today and he liked it. Another big change. No carries and no wispy hair. He'll be making cups of tea next. Todays brew was Pukka Love, my current favourite.


Amanda said...

The tree is lovley, not putting one up this year, due to kittens and Mx!

I love their shoes :0)

I stopped using my sling a few months ago, I do miss carrying him but I don't miss the backache!!!

Claire said...

Oh yeah, the backache, I can relate to that one :-)