Sunday, 23 December 2007

Logs and stuff

A wee while ago I rediscovered a long lost recipe for Chocolate Courgette Loaf. This was a firm favourite with Craig before I misplaced the recipe about three years ago. I decided to use it to make our chocolate yule log.

All was looking good, that is until I took my eye off the ball to send out our email seasonal greetings. What followed was a technological nightmare combined with concerns about other peoples views on my choice not to send cards, choice of charities etc. (Mental note to self to make appropriate new years resolution about this sort of self doubting behaviour).

The stress was suddenly interrupted by the smell of burning. Pulled log quickly from oven to discover it was black on top and smoking slightly.

Managed to avoid frazzled weepy meltdown by convincing myself that it was nothing that a good trim and copious amounts of creamy icing could not fix. This put me in mind of a strange exchange I had with a good friend on the train to Edinburgh very early one morning a few years ago. We were on our way to a homeopathic fish and chip supper to celebrate the birthday of Hahnemann. Basically we concluded that your attitude to burnt baking is a good indicator of your mental well being. If you can chop off the offending parts then you are doing fine. If your chin begins to wobble and you dash for the cupboards to start over again perhaps it's time to take stock.

Every day this week I told myself that we would take a walk out and find a log for Yule. It didn't happen though so Hermione selected one from the wood pile instead and we warmed it by the fireplace all day.

The house is now as dressed and decorated as it's going to be.

On Friday night we burnt our log in a room lit by candles and fairy lights having earlier eaten the cleverly disguised burnt log of the chocolate variety. We sipped warm spiced cider and tried to work out by how much the days get lighter each day now. Must google that some time and find out who's guestimation was closest.

Over the weekend we have visited the theatre to see a dismal production of A Christmas Carol. All slap stick clap trap, hysteria and flatulent children (the worst offender being mine I think). Not a pleasant afternoon. Only ear muffs and a gas mask could have improved it.

Also got round to taking a wander in our local country park. The pond was frozen and the ducks comical.

I think that will be it for me this side of Christmas. We have lots of visitors over the next couple of days. I'm hoping to find time to curl up and read the first book in the Ringing Cedars series which was a special gift from a good friend on Friday - that could be me just being overly optimistic though.

I hope that you all enjoy much peace, happiness and joy. I'll think of you all as I hang up my stocking which I'm hoping to find full of love, light and a swimming costume with legs (and possibly short sleeves) in time for my holiday in a few weeks time.


Lidia said...

Could you post the recipe for the loaf, please?

Wobblymoo said...

Hope you had a good Christmas xx Thanks for the email, what a lovely idea. And can I have the recipe too?