Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Today Hermione and Nana went to see a production called The Boy Who Grew Flowers performed by Kazzum Children's Theatre Company. They enjoyed it. It had been a short production at not even an hour long, but they were very enthusiastic about it when they came home.

We carried on chatting about Yule. We read a story adapted from a Cherokee tale of creation. It tells of how the sun rewarded some trees with evergreen foliage because they stayed awake and awaited his return, while other trees dropped their leaves and slept.

We decided to go out into our garden and check out what evergreen and what deciduous trees we have. We have no mature evergreen trees so we concentrated on shrubs instead. Hermione was armed with the camera and has now photographed virtually every shrub we have - they all came within one or other of the categories we were talking about!

We made a start on creating our Yule scene. We just managed to do the ground work today - a thick coat of green paint on an Amazon delivery box and four toilet roll inner tubes. Hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow.

A comment about our wreaths set me thinking that I very rarely do anything crafty these days even though I enjoy it a lot. So, last night I made three little fabric Christmas trees. I found it really relaxing. We may well end up with a forest of fabric trees soon.


Amanda said...

I love the fabric trees, I would never have thought of making those :0)

Intriged by the toilet rolls and box painted green!!!

Amanda said...

I've put up a post about what we do hth :0)

ruth said...

Oh we have the book of The Boy Who Grew Flowers. Love the trees:)