Sunday, 3 February 2008

Harmony and Relaxation

I had planned on writting about our Imbolc celebration, or the project we finished last week on Africa, but instead I'm going to write about harmony and relaxation. By thinking about it and writting about it I may manage to manifest some in my life. I think I could do with an extra helping of harmony right now *smile.*

When Hermione was three I bought her a cd called Positive Thoughts for Children, An Affirmation CD for Bedtime by Chitra Sukhu. We listened to it regularly at bed times and even at that age she seemed to draw benefits from it.

When we were preparing to move the cd was packed away and went into storage. I just rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and Hermione has listened to it most evenings since. Recently she has been complaining of not being able to get to sleep at night but that has stopped since she started listening to this. It seems to really help her focus on herself and relax.

So, when I saw this cd, also by Chitra Sukhu, in an online shop last week, I decided to order it. We haven't listened to all of it yet but we have really enjoyed what we have listened to up till now.

The ability to relax is something I would love to be able to teach my children. I hope my efforts aren't thwarted by the fact that I myself find it very difficult, a lot of the time almost impossible, to relax.

Why is it so difficult for many people to relax? As life skills go I think it's really important. Think how life could be transformed if we were all more attuned to a source of peace within, whatever form that may take.

So often now you hear people give television and alcohol as examples of how they relax. I'm not condemning that, but what happens if you have a power cut and the shop is clean out of booze?

As I've said, when it comes to relaxation I'm one of the worlds worst. My brain is in a constant whirl of activity. Perhaps it is time to re evaluate how I think about it. Instead of thinking 'relaxation is a state I rarely achieve,' perhaps it is time to think, 'relaxation is a life skill which I can learn along side my children'.

Changing the subject completely here I wish to apolgise for my spelling errors. I'm not sure what has happened to my spell checker on here over the last few days. It's just not working and in additon to not being able to relax I also can't spell. Ho hum!!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Haven't noticed any glaring spelling mistakes, lol!

You post just made me question exactly what it is I do to relax and I think the answer has to be sleep, lol!


Wobblymoo said...

Interesting, I really don't have too much trouble relaxing and define it as doing something I enjoy that isn't too physical, yet hubby has to ride his bike for 50 miles and then being so tired he does nothing for a few hours to relax, but he also listens to relaxation CDs. We all must be different :)

CelticMommy said...

What wonderful CD's... I am going to have to check both of those out for Em and Ro. Both of them love being sung to at night, but during the day it is hard to get them to relax and be calm and still. They are young, so it's understandable, but I also want to instill calmness and quiet focus as well.

For relaxation for me, I'll tell you what (usually) works for me... If I have time to do yoga, I do a Kundalini Yoga DVD that I have... or also I have recorded yoga shows from TV. I never watch at a specific time all the time (with two wee ones, that's next to impossible!) but I try to do yoga at least 2-3 times a week. I also listen to several CD's to meditate. My brain does not want to turn off at all and I start to have these wandering thoughts and a "to do" list running through my head. So, I take these, what I call, guided walks in my head. I've been doing it since high school (so 17 years or so) and it helps my mind turn off and focus. There's several CDs from Kitaro that are good. Also, if you're awake enough, Enya is good but won't make me fall asleep. George Winston's Forest CD, Tom Petty's Wildflowers CD, Pink Floyd for some things. Both of my kids were born to Pink Floyd's Wish you were here CD... my mom was so proud!

Okay, now I'm rambling. Sorry! Anyway, that music helps me when I want my brain to turn off.
Thanks for the suggestions also. :-)

Claire said...

Linda - I'm just the same, I think the only tme I could possibly consider myself relaxed is when I'm asleep - or at the dentists. Despite the fact that I'm extremely keen to avoid medicines, I always have a sedative at the dentists if I need any work done. This comes from the woman who has to be in absolute agony beofre ever taking a painkiller and managed to get through Miles' birth with just a wee bit entinox. I've just come to consider sedation as the relaxing trade off for being drilled!

Denise - you are so lucky! I suspect you are in the minority in being able to relax easily. I think if I were your hubby I'd just stay unrelaxed - the thought of a 50 mile bike ride might finish me off :-)

Hettie - thank you for all the suggestins. I'm an avid Enya fan, so much so that my family all think it's a bit of a joke. Her music does help me to relax although I still have that 'to do' list thing going on at the same time.

How cool that your children were both born to Pink Floyd! Hermione was born to the shocked shrieks of a first time mummy (me), but Miles thankfully was born into a calmer environment with the sound of my favourite reiki music playing.

Thinking about it, reiki helps me to relax too, particularly giving reiki, but very often I'm too busy running around doing this and that to settle down to do anything more constructive like that.

Pass me a chill pill someone please!!!