Monday, 4 February 2008

Unplugged Project - pipecleaners

This weeks Unplugged Project was on pipecleaners.

Here is Zog the Dog, Hermione's pipecleaner and pompom creation. He's not a very photogenic beast. He's more impressive in real life - if I can say that about a pipecleaner dog!

He inspired her to write her first ever poem.

Zog the dog had a hog
Came out looking like a mog
He went out for a jog

Miles enjoyed the project too this week.

Has anyone else had problems with Blogger? Spellcheck not working, pictures not going where they are supposed to go etc... it's just all going a bit haywire here. Any suggestions on how to put it back to normal?


Heather said...

Wow she did a great job. Miles looks like he is having fun to.

CJ said...


Recently discovered your blog, via...well I'm not too sure, but I think I must be frequenting the same blogs somewhere along the line :-)

Caught up with some of your past posts and there are some really good ones along with some good ideas, which is what I normally peruse blogs for. Love pipecleaner Zog the dog, impressive poem too.


Jenny said...

I love the dog, and her poem is really quite good! And it looks like your little one had a good time too.

Tamara said...

That dog is super! I agree that in general pipe cleaner creations don't actually photograph very well.

Andrée said...

That's a fantastic dog! I would actually make one of those if my cats wouldn't kill it!

As for Blogger: I had a couple days when nobody came! Only 10 people instead of 200. Quite frustrating. The only thing to do is wait it out. Or move. Too much work to move.

Kate in NJ said...

Wow! Awesome project!

reprehriestless warillever said...

The poem is wonderful!

I was having similar issues with Blogger yesterday. Thus, my post is a day late.

Anonymous said...

I like Zog the Dog, and his poem! It looks like Hermione made the pompoms too? Great idea!

Sorry I can't help with Blogger. Personally I got frustrated because my blog was way too slow to load for some people (yours does not seem slow to me though) and moved to Worpress, as you know!

The move could have been very easy (one click!) if I hadn't had to move every photo and change nearly a year's worth of internal links. It could be easy for someone who already hosts their photos elsewhere (in other words, not with Blogger), or who doesn't mind leaving the old blog in place at Blogger so the links work.

Hope it resolves itself soon!

Wobblymoo said...

What a great job, both Zog himself and the poem :)