Sunday, 17 February 2008

Kitchen table challenge

At breakfast time this morning I struggled to make space on the table for my cereal bowl. I had to remove one hole puncher, a newspaper, a pair of dirty gardening gloves, six pots of poster paint, a couple of books and a coat hanger just to be able to put down my bowl *blush*.

This weeks personal challenge is to keep my kitchen table clear.


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

I decided to make you feel better...

On my 'kitchen' table at the moment there are:
4 books
2 remote controls
1 mobile phone
1 watch
3 clean shirts (waiting for ironing)
1 bus timetable
1 folder full of childcare stuff
1 carrier bag
1 receipt
Now I'm going to get off my big fat rear and tidy it all away so the kids can sit down and have breakfast, lol! ;-)

Amanda said...

Piles of books, magazines, paper, glue, pencils, fruit in a bowl, c.d's handbag, riding hat, d.s + games :0)

I cheat we have 2 tables for eating one for home ed!!!

Claire said...

Two tables! I'd not thought of that but I suspect within not time they would both be cluttered round here.

I think kitchen tables are just 'hotspots' - or I think that's what Flylady calls them.