Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Our main Imbolc celebration has been today.

Hermione made an Imbolc light garden. We filled a large plant pot with soil and brought it inside. We thought about what particular things we would like to manifest over the coming months and wrote them down on pieces of paper. We folded the paper up and ‘planted’ it in the pot. We placed a small candle over each note.

At dinner we lit the candles in the light garden alongside the candles we had decorated specifically for Imbolc.

The days are getting so much lighter. It was really noticeable this evening when we sat down to dinner and could actually see out into the garden – not just our own reflection in the glass.

Hermione has also been photographing the new buds and shoots. I don’t have any pictures but I’m particularly excited about the buds on my willow dome!

Sad to think as we celebrate the lengthening days and stirrings of life within the earth, that we still just aren't doing enough in the UK to cut carbon emissions. I suspect we aren't alone in this but that certainly doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

' All the minerals found within the earth are also found within you. Thus you are connected to the earth as it is connected to you, so whatever you do to the earth you are doing to yourself.'

Chitra Sukhu


Mom Unplugged said...

What a lovely custom you have for Imbolc! I am trying to find some new traditions for our family to celebrate and I particularly like anything tied to nature and the seasons. We celebrate Winter Solstice, perhaps we should do Imbolc too. Thank you for the inspiration!

By the way, I think the UK is probably far better about carbon emissions than the US. At least you have good public transportation and actually use it. Here in the US you'd be lost without a car.

(Thank you for the well wishes. I am feeling better now. The baby is coming along but probably has another day or so before she is really back to herself.)

Diane said...

The Imbolc light garden is a lovely idea! How wonderful to plant your intentions! The Sukhu quote brings me a great deal of peace.

Wobblymoo said...

How exciting that your willow is sprouting. I know the tide is changing but it really isn't quick enough, I don't see why when they build new houses they can't automatically put in solar panels and rainwater toilets. Money seems to speak louder than saving a planet.