Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bee keeping

Today was the first day of my bee keeping course. I headed off there this morning, full of trepidation at the thought of handling the bees. That was my greatest concern.

It was initially a bit scary handling them, but I got used to it and after half an hour or so of being right in the thick of it I didn't want to stop.

By the time I came to drive home my concerns had changed. My greatest concern now is how to fund my new interest. A new hive, safety equipment plus a colony of bees could cost well in excess of £500.

I'll be back again tomorrow and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it and hoping that we get the opportunity to be 'hands on' again!


Bridget said...

Glad you're enjoying your course, personally I prefer a dog to a bee as a pet!!

Claire said...

I agree, dogs certainly do make better pets :-)

I just feel compelled to at least explore the possibility of producing our own honey, when I now know that some commercial honey producers use methods which increase the likelihood of the hives failing over winter with the death of tens of thousands of bees :-(

Anonymous said...

Bee keeping is something I've thougth about too. One day!!

Anonymous said...

Would be wonderful if you did manage to get your own hive, wonder if they ever turn up on freecycle lol