Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Polars on the path, pak choi and perfect timing

We finished reading Polars on the Path the other day. It was yet another excellent story from the Animal Ark series. We really like these. Some are more involved than others but by and large we have enjoyed all of the ones we have read.

Polars on the Path tells the tale of polar bears congregating at Churchill while waiting to move on in their migration when the bay has frozen over.

I have heard reports of global warming having a negative impact upon the polar bear population and thought this would be a good time to discuss this with Hermione. We watched a couple of Youtube clips which I've embedded below and talked in general about global warming. However, looking at some of the comments written about these clips I feel I should now start Googling and find out what really is going on with the polar bears. Some people suggest that the polar bears are thriving and that global warming is having no effect at all. Sounds odd to me, surely global warming would have some effect upon them even if the negative impact was still minimal at this point?

While out picking spinach for dinner this evening (I decided I needed to pick lots as it's starting to get very tall and looking like it may bolt at any time), I noticed the tiny start of buds on my pak choi. I'm despairing! At the start of last week I noticed my rocket was beginning to bolt and we seemed to eat mountains of rocket for a couple of days. By the weekend we had about eight plain lettuce which overnight seemed to be ready to eat and have eaten at least one a day since. The spinach is getting tall and now my pak choi has the start of buds!

I'm all for a seasonal kitchen. Seasonal is good. The rush to eat copious amounts of greens before they burst into flowers is less good though!

I don't know what's gone wrong. Perhaps it's the warm spell we have had over the past week or so? I read on a site the other day that rocket and pak choi should never be planted before the longest day so perhaps I have planted them too soon? Perhaps the height of summer isn't a good time for them? There's more to this veg growing business than meets the eye - or at least I should say there is if you don't want to end up eating the way we have the past couple of weeks.

We have had a fabulous day today. We went to a home ed gathering and then wandered around the park with some of the families from the meeting. The weather was glorious. Now, with the children all tucked up in bed the clouds have opened and it's pouring with rain. Perfect timing. It will be great for the garden. I love a good downpour after a few days of good sunshine. Opening the curtains the next day and seeing everything looking much greener and perkier *grin*.


Bridget said...

I agree with you about a bit of rain after some sunshine, the flowers and veg seem to grow 6 inches overnight with the magical rainfall, isn't nature amazing?

Anonymous said...

the rain has helped with my very humble veggies :0)

Animal Ark, Z used to love those books :0)