Sunday, 22 June 2008

Best made plans

I don't usually make plans but I did for this weekend - and nothing turned out to plan at all! It started out that we were going to spend part of the weekend camping and celebrate the Solstice with friends at an outdoor event. However once we factored in Craig's work commitments and the strong wind warning issued by the Met Office we ended up in a caravan on a cliff top (still not the best place to be in high winds but certainly better than a tent), swimming in the indoor pool and making the best of what was round and about between torrential downpours.

I'm not sure why it is but I always feel that caravans are even more claustrophobic than tents. I think one factor is that they don't lend themselves well to the needs of co-sleeping families and the living area ends up resembling some sort of nest - which some people can't resist bouncing about on!

Some things that made me smile this weekend.

Welly boot washing line.

A den.

A den with a very impressive roof I should say.

His and hers scarecrows.

A willow dome that someone should rightfully be most proud of...

...complete with seat.

Clay oven.

The sound of wind and torrential rain outside when I was cosy in the caravan also made me smile but there are no photos of that - thankfully.

We read Ellen Jacksons Summer Solstice book.

As a wholly unrelated aside, do you know that you can now get purple sweet potatoes? I didn't until we visited frineds for dinner on Friday evening and they were on the menu. They are delicious, really chestnutty. Even Craig the usually reluctant sweet potatoe muncher enjoyed them. I recommend them!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovley weekend :0)

Lynn said...

Love the pic of the living/bedroom reminds me of our last holiday in northumberland.The floor with matresses turned out to be much comfier than the beds ;-))
Never heard of purple sweet pots but will endeavour to find some and give them a go. xx

Claire said...

Funnily enough Lynn we were in Northumberland there too :-)

Anonymous said...

I am not a willing camper, but it sounds like it was lovely! Especially the wind and rain part. My favorite sleeping weather!

Anonymous said...

That all looks brilliant

Sarahs Home said...

The photos look lovely, where did you go to?