Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Open for business!

Well, after many technical hitches plus much hair tearing, chocolate eating and marital strife, Wooly Wonders has finally come into being!

I love crafting with my hands but it must be said that trying to create anything on the computer leaves me feeling really frazzled.

I’m not entirely happy with the site but I feel I have done as much as I can right now while retaining any sense of sanity. Some of the formatting is odd and you have to scroll right down to see product details in places. After a brief return to my wooly ways to recharge my batteries I’m hoping to come back to the site and figure out ways I can improve it, possibly by adding more and larger photographs, and also by sorting out the ability to accept other payment methods. I think I need a new camera. This is just the beginning as they say!

As a thank you to all you lovely people out there who come along and join me in the ups and downs on here, I’d like to offer you a 15% discount on any order placed on or before the 16th of June. To claim your discount please contact me on wootie@blueyonder.co.uk to place your order rather than placing it through the site –I’m yet to figure out the discount code facility I’m afraid.

1 comment:

denise said...

It's looking really good Claire, well done