Sunday, 23 March 2008


T'was the night before Easter....

Preparing their baskets for the Bunny to empty and then hopefully refill. We have a tradition of saving all unsuitable sweets received as gifts to offer to the Easter Bunny, Santa or neighbours at Halloween. I like the children to know that these times are about giving as well as receiving - plus it helps to move on the stuff I'd rather they didn't have in a way which they are happy to do. Daddy Bunny had a feast last night *grin*.

As predicted by Daddy Bunny the process of preparing the baskets did lead to hyper night wakings and by 5.20 this morning I wished I'd had a cream egg for every time I'd been asked 'Is it time to get up? Will the Bunny have been yet?'

The children had a couple of gifts inside. A second hand game I found for Hermione which I hope will help her with her geography and a really sweet wooden game for Miles which I 'bought' through Durham Exchange Trading.

The traditional outdoor egg hunt took on a different turn this year in the snow. We've not hunted in snow before. I was worried Craig's big foot prints leading to all the eggs would give the game away but thankfully they didn't seem to notice amidst the excitement. Hermione whizzed round and filled her basket with eggs in no time leaving Miles to discover the other one and a half dozen at a more leisurely pace.

Back inside for what Hermione would term a 'family breakfast' - that means milk and cereal boxes on the table as opposed to a quick fill at the bench.

At the end of breakfast Craig glanced at his watch and it was five past seven. Yes it was a very early start! I'm exhausted and off to bed soon with my Easter gift from the Bunny - a copy of Good House Keeping magazine. A last minute panic buy from the Co-op late last night. Am I really more in need of Good House Keeping magazine than a box of chocolates? On second thoughts don't answer that. Daddy Bunny had better watch out, if there's a recipe for rabbit stew in there I may just have him in the pot!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

What a fabulous day! Something lovely to treasure forever.


Wobblymoo said...

Oh brilliant!! I adore the idea of saving up unsuitable sweets, but it is too late for us to suddenly discover the Easter bunny I think.

Bridget said...

At least you didn't have to worry about your chocolate melting!

Michie said...

What a cute idea to leave the candy you didn't want for the bunny! And the eggs in the snow are actually quite pretty! :)