Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Natures World, Raw Chocolate and the Sheeple

We went to a home ed gathering this morning. Very pleasant as always. Then we had a picnic in the Natures World grounds. What a fab place that is! Totally not the norm so far as parks go, much more interesting. We were there for over two hours and didn't see everything. Our visit was cut short by the rain.

We all had a great time - including Nana. It's awful when all the rides are monopolised by the seniors don't you think? As it was I think we were the only people there today so I'll let her off on this occasion.

We went on a hunt for the most dangerous animal in the world.

At the end there was a mirror with lots of details of how humans pollute the planet.

Miles was fascinated by the walk in talking compost heap.

It's basically a tunnel with bugs and bits of veg and things on the walls. There are sound effects with a voice over explaining that the sounds are the sound of death turning to life, dead things being digested by thousands of micro organisms and turned into something of benefit to the earth. Miles was reluctant to leave it and could only be tempted away by the goats.

Lots of mini beastie habitats, interactive structures and garden art.

When we arrived home I called Soo to let her know that our raw food order had arrived. The courier had hidden it in the old guinea pig hutch since we were out. She called in very briefly to collect it and returned unexpectedly a couple of hours later with the best raw chocolate cake I have ever tasted. I think she has found her new vocation in life as a raw chocolatier. I would have liked to have photographed he double tier beautiful creations but they were eaten within seconds.

Late afternoon Hermione headed off to Rainbows. Something isn't quite right there, that has been apparent for a while. Today when she came home she explained how she really enjoys the crafts and stories but doesn't understand the games at the end where everyone runs riot and will hurt each other if necessary in order to be the winner. Apparently girls who are polite and kind throughout the session turn rather vicious when it's game time. She asked why this happens. Why do they all follow each other and copy each other? Why do they all really really want to be the winner? Why do they pretend they like the games and join in when earlier they have told me they don't like them? Hmmm how do you explain sheeple behaviour to a seven year old? We talked about how lots of people feel better if they do what everyone else does - even if it isn't what they really deep down want to do. Not sure what will happen from here. I'm not going to pressurise her to go and secretly would quite like her not to if that's how it is, but I'll let her make her own choice.

Latest addition to the seasonal tree - decoration made by Hermione at Rainbows.

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Wobblymoo said...

I see that in the cubs group I help out at, so different frm when the children are running about at the home education groups, poor kids.