Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Up close and grizzly

Not had a particularly blogworthy day today however we have had a couple of close up grizzly encounters.

Sitting in the living room today we noticed a big kerfuffle on the deck. The hens seemed to be fighting, which I've never known before. I dashed outside to see what was going on and they had caught a mouse and were fighting over it. By the time I managed to get them out of the way the mouse was dead sadly. I picked it up on a spade and Hermione and I had a good look at it. It looked really peaceful. It's tiny feet were amazing. It's nose, so clean and pink. It's whiskers so long and curved. We put it in the undergrowth behind our house.

This afternoon we were collecting sticks from under the trees when I almost put my hand on a partially decomposed black bird. I say partially decomposed as the head was completely intact but the body was a skeleton. How bizarre. This didn't hold the same interest as the mouse had for Hermione. I have to say it was altogether more grizzly.

Isn't nature a funny thing?


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Tiny mice amaze me too, glad I didn't find the bird though...

CJ said...

I remember as a child throwing a spade (childs) around the garden as one does ;-) and I went to collect from one spot I'd thrown it, and it had landed on a dead bird and cut it in half.

Inside and sprawling out was maggots feasting on the inside, I was fascinated :-)

CJ x

Wobblymoo said...

Nature is always a funny thing