Thursday, 20 March 2008


This morning we read an adapted tale about the magical Ostara hare who could lay eggs. We took it from The Spring Equinox, Celebrating the Greening of the Earth by Ellen Jackson.

This afternoon Nana dressed Hermione's hair with pretty pink ribbons and her and I headed off to an Ostara tea party. It was an absolute delight. Embroidered table cloths, decadent cup cakes piled high on multi tiered cake stands, china cups and saucers full of China Rose tea, glimmering mini eggs whichever way you looked.

We even brought a couple of cakes home. Beautifully handcrafted.

Tomorrow we will have a big family meal together. I think the hare may pay a visit. I suspect he's going to bring Miles a potty book and Hermione a children's cookery book. We'll burn a white and black candle to signify the balance of night and day. Oh I do so love celebrating with family and friends!

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Michie said...

Thank you for sharing your Ostara activities! I have never known anyone who celebrates Ostara or similar holidays. It was really interesting to read about it!