Saturday, 15 March 2008

Music concert, art detective, super sweets etc

Quick catch up on things we've done this week.

Hermione and Nana went to a workshop called Art Detectives at the Laing Art Gallery this week. It was an event organised by a home educating mum. Apparently they watched a video clip which was in news report style and then had to solve the mystery of who had smuggled paintings into the gallery. Sounded very much like a game of Cluedo to me. They enjoyed it.

I started a reciprocating arrangement with another home edding mum to do some sort of activity with our children. On this occasion she did some science stuff with the big ones while I watched the little ones. Next time the roles will be reversed. I was worried about how Hermione would enjoy it with someone other than myself in that role. I need not have worried. She had a great time. They did an experiment to find magnetic north using magnets, needles, compass, straws and a bowl of water. I'm hoping the arrangement will work well and that perhaps more will come of co-operative home ed arrangements around here. I'm not talking about 'sharing the teaching' as that isn't really the sort of approach we have here at home. I'm thinking more along the lines of parents possibly sharing a special talent they may have with a group of children or maybe more one off projects with other families like we did with Africa (second part still to be blogged).

Hermione participated in her first music concert playing the clarinet. She was a little nervous by all accounts but did ever so well. Sadly I had to stay home and look after Miles. I have gone to all of her dance concerts so she felt it was only right that Craig got to see her in this concert. She's ever so proud of the programme with her name on.

The herb patch is really springing back to life. The chives, mint and parsley are doing particularly well. This is the mint.

Last year I didn't use as many herbs in cooking as I would like. Often it's dark by the time I'm cooking dinner and I don't want to tramp across the lawn in my slippers. I thought I'd remedy that this year by planting out a basket to keep close to the back door. I've put in some herbs and I've left space for a nasturtium or two also. I love those petals!

We found a ladybird when I was trimming back old growth on the herbs. At first it looked dead but slowly started to move. We decided that perhaps it was time to get out the ladybird house which Nana received as a gift on her birthday. Here it is. Complete with one resident ladybird.

Inspired by Miles recent bout of bad health (I think he could do with a boost), a tub of cacao butter reaching it's shelf life and a youtube clip by Shazzie I decided to make some raw superfood sweets. I didn't have all of the ingredients so improvised with what superfoods we did have. I ended up with a one layer fudge type creation which Miles loves, I find quite tasty and Hermione won't touch. If only I could please all of the people all of the time *smile*.

Quite a busy day or two ahead. I could certainly do with a good nights sleep tonight. If only we could all snooze in the sunshine *grin*.

One of the highlights of the week for me was our new energy saving effort. I finally got the lovely big black shiny fridge I've been dreaming of (sad I know). Startled by the size of our electric bills Craig bought one of these. It soon became apparent that our old fridge freezer was costing us a fortune in money and costing the planet in carbon. Our new one is much bigger (helps cut down on the trips to the supermarket) but costs a small fraction of what the other one did to run.


Wobblymoo said...

Claire, you need to remove the post above and set comments to moderated as it appears the spammers have found your blog

Wobblymoo said...

That recipe looks really nice but I haven't heard of most of the ingredients she uses which could be a problem, does she provide a list :)

Claire said...

Hi Denise, I've taken your advice about the settings. I've never had any problems till the past couple of days but I've had to remove a few comments this weekend.

Shazzie has her own online raw business, probably the biggest raw food provider in ths country. You can find her site here.