Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hot cross buns, telling the time etc

We've been comfortably occupied with Easter activities this week. I won't say 'busy' as it hasn't been. I like it when the pace is slow *grin*.

We put up our seasonal decorations. Miles was very enthusiastic, much more so than Hermione.

Nana has read the Easter story from The First Easter by Piper and Corke a couple of times. I worry that the Easter story is the stuff that nightmares are made of for many small children. This book approaches it sensitively. It does obviously talk about the crucifixion but it doesn't labour on that aspect, the focus being more on the resurrection.

We have done Easter word searches, played Easter word bingo and made Easter jigsaws. Today Hermione made hot cross buns with a little help from Nana. It was an all day job. They seemed to be for ever rising by the fire.

Hermione has also spent time each day this week reciting her times tables. She's quite confident with the two, three, four and five times table now providing she sings them in sequence. I guess the next stage is to be able to use them in a practical way by being able to dip into them here and there. The times table cd from the Early Learning Centre has been a great help.

She is also on a mission to master telling the time. A friend bought her a watch for her birthday and she has worn it each day since. I came across this game online the other day and she has come on in leaps and bounds since using it. Today she managed to score full marks on a game without any help from me.

I'm quite enjoying taking it easy this week. Nana is very involved in doing Easter things and the kind of stuff Hermione is asking to do (times tables and telling the time) don't really need any forethought or preparation on my part.

It made me laugh this afternoon when I walked into the kitchen to find Miles and Hermione sitting at the table with workbooks, playing schools.

I doubt that is a sight I'll see very often.


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Aw, they look so cute sat up at that table, bless them. :-)

CJ said...

Thanks for telling the time link, I shall use that. :o)

CJ x

Wobblymoo said...

aww bless them :)