Sunday, 9 March 2008

Woodland walk, Easter crafts, digging etc

Nana and I have done quite a lot of digging this week. Nana more so than me as Miles has been in need of lots of mummy hugs. I'm relieved we have now managed to dig half of the veg patch and still haven't skewered a hen or rabbit. They just won't stay out of the way. They wait poised ready to snap up any worms or other wrigglers we may unearth. The rabbit seems to enjoy the small roots. They've no fear whatsoever of the fork. They just dive on in there!

Hermione made a wormery this week. The picture is of day one. We can now see signs of soils being mixed and grass being pulled down from the top.

We went walking with friends in local woods. I say 'walking' but there was so many fallen branches after recent heavy winds that it turned into more of a 'yomp'. We rounded off with raspberry tea and carrot cake in the village coffee shop and I think a good time was had by all. I certainly felt invigorated and recharged.

Miles is feeling so much better than he did last week. He's almost back to his old self. I turned my back for two minutes while cooking lunch today to find him playing football with my chitting potatoes! Most of the shoots are now swept up and in the bin *sigh*. Never mind, I had to laugh, it's just so good to see him getting back to his normal mischievous self!

We made a start on Easter / Ostara crafts. I say 'we' but really Craig was in charge of this glue and glitter fest. Sitting up at the table, concentrating and taking it all ever so seriously, I see that my little boy is growing up fast.

I've been to the library for some books about Easter. Nana is going to spend time with Hermione this week talking about the Christian perspective. The following week we'll look at Ostara.

I'm feeling quite prepared. I have ideas about decorations and gifts. Not sure that I want to give any of my money to Hallmark so I'd best be getting on and making some cards. Also been thinking that I don't want to waste any eggs this year. I love painting and rolling eggs but my views about food are changing, and I can't bring myself to dash an egg down a grassy bank or leave it looking pretty on the sideboard till it's inedible. If we do go egg rolling, (which I hope we do), I think we'll use the plastic ones we use for egg hunts. Thankfully Craig had a misspent youth and is quite adept at blowing eggs apparently, so closer to the time that's what we'll do - use the eggs and dye the shells for decoration.

Thinking of this time of year as a child I recalled fond memories of dancing round the maypole on the village green. Over thirty years on I'm certainly not so light on my feet but I'd still like to do it again. I've been in touch with a lady who teaches maypole dancing and hope to organise something for later in the summer when the weather is more settled. I'm very excited about it.

Hermione was invited on Saturday to take part in a concert this coming Friday. She will be playing her clarinet. This will be the first music concert she has taken part in and she's very excited and a little nervous too I think. Much noisy pratice round here this week I suspect *grin*.


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Love the digging for worms pic, reminds me of when I was a child and I used to dig up the worms for my Grandfather's chickens.

Your rabbit is the spitting image of our Dylan!

CJ said...

I so like your wormery,:-) was it done in a cut off plastic bottle?

CJ x

ruth said...

I went to a Pagan junior school were we celebrated Beltane in a big way. I loved Maypole dancing. We made a wormery last year out of a weird shaped vase.

Claire said...

Dylan and Pringles - separated at birth perhaps?

Yeah, the wormery is just a plastic bottle cut off at the top.

A pagan junior school Ruth? How unusual :-) I hope that's not what made you think of home edding your own children :-)

Wobblymoo said...

The ready to pounce chicken and rabbit shot is brilliant :)