Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Another rainy day

I don't think it has stopped raining for longer then half an hour at a time since the thunder clapped overhead at 5.00am yesterday. I'm not complaining (well, not too much) as I think the garden really needs it. Hopefully it will be helping to swell the potatoes, beetroots and onions. I always feel bad when I use the hose pipe to water the veg, I much prefer the rain - I only wish it would happen in moderation and regularly as opposed to all or very little. Hopefully our watering issues will be solved soon as we are going to pipe all of the water from half of the house guttering into a big closed tank which will be concealed by the trees. I will then be able to use a hose pipe from the big rainwater tank to water the garden. I hope this is sorted out soon. It's on Craig's 'to do' list but that doesn't mean a great deal in real terms.

Our new Five In A Row books arrived today from Angela at Conquest Books. Excellent service as always. Don't be put off looking at the site if like me you are not a christian. There are some good books in the home ed catalogue for Christians and non Christians alike.

Hermione and Lily have spent most of the day playing save for a short time when we did some 'work' and when we went to Rainbows. They have played with their cardboard cut out dressing up dolls and regularly popped up to the attic for 'meetings.' One meeting this morning was particularly important, so much so that they both decided they need to wear make up!?! I like it when they are engrossed in play. I think it is good for them. I remember reading Do Not Disturb by Deborah Jackson about five years ago and having a real 'lights on' moment. There are times when I know I haven't always given the children enough space. Thankfully I no longer feel the need to be constantly doing something with them. I know a lot of society considers 'doing' with the children to be 'quality time' but I've now found the confidence to define what we consider to be 'quality time'.

This morning we spent more time with Horizon Maths and tally marks. Hermione is now counting in fives as a direct follow on from her tally mark fascination. I'm impressed.

We read Who Owns the Sun? Hermione was sad at the end and became quite weepy when we talked about the conditions some slaves live in and particularly when we talked about how sometimes families are separated and sold. We left it at that as it was all very intense. I want her to know about slavery but at the same time I have to remember she is only six and don't want to overburden her with information which is very distressing. It's difficult to always strike a balance.

We'll be sticking with a slavery theme for a while. I have a few books lined up - The Drinking Gourd, The Freedom Quilt and a book about Martin Luther King. I've not heard back from Tyne and Wear Museums about joining in their ativities to mark th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. I may have to give them a call tomorrow.


Joel Bresler said...

Hi, I invite you and other home-schoolers teaching "Follow the Drinking Gourd" to visit my site on the song, I have an Appendix devoted to reviews of the kid's books on the topic. There are also two Appendices for teachers that should prove helpful for home-schoolers, too. Comments welcome!

As for the "Freedom Quilt" book, the author has repeatedly stated it's fiction, but you wouldn't know that from some of the online reviews and lesson plans. Please take that into account if you teach the book.



Claire said...

Thanks Joel. I will check out your site.