Monday, 25 June 2007

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Today we started reading Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter. This is our third book on the theme of slavery. It tells of a simple folk song sung by slaves which had directions in the lyrics to help them find the Underground Railroad.

We listened to the song here - we liked the Weavers 1951 version best. It would have been nice to find the whole of the song somewhere but I've not managed as yet.

The illustrations in the book are simple and bold. They evoke the American folk traditions.

We discussed how this wasn't a real railway and drew comparisons between passengers - the escaping slaves, stations - safe houses where people offered shelter and conductors - people who helped to guide the slaves on their way.

By this afternoon Miles was climbing the walls with frustration. He loves staying home and pottering around providing the door is open and he can wander in and out of the garden. The rain and winds have been so bad the past couple of days he has not been able to play out much at all. Consequently we headed off to our local soft play place which I'm not at all keen on but the children quite like.

Hurried home to get Hermione ready for Badgers. Today was to be a trip day. They were going to the park to make a crazy golf course. I didn't imagine for one minute that they would still go in the strong winds and beating rain - but they did. She arrived home happy but absolutely drenched. Never mind, she had fun.

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