Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Washing, Jigging and Passing Pigs

I'm way behind with this blogging malarkey - here follows my attempts to catch up - the weekend at least.

On Saturday the Pass the Pigs game arrived. There was a rush of interest in this on the morning. On the afternoon Hermione and Nana headed off into Durham for a browse and to hang out in Vennels Cafe eating chocolate cake :-) It is so nice having Nana on hand to share in things like this with the children. Good for both I hope. Living together with three generations under one roof (well almost one roof - the Nannexe has it's own roof) really has big advantages.

On Sunday Craig and Hermione headed off to Kilhope Lead Mine complete with wellies, spare clothes and packed lunch.

I stayed home with Miles who as usual was more than content to potter on his mud patch.

They chopped....

and jigged (possibly not in that order)...
All in all the visit was going really well and they headed off down the mine on the underground tour. Things took a turn for the worse about five minutes into the hour long tour when the guide starting talking about tunnels collapsing and lives being lost in the past. Hermione decided that it was time to leave and couldn't be persuaded otherwise. They were shown out of an emergency exit tunnel and emerged somewhere rather remote outside of the grounds of the museum.

All in all though a good day!

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