Thursday, 7 June 2007

Mud, candles and stuff

All unfolded as normal this morning. Lots of pottering, playing, colouring and then Hermione and I sat down to read and chat once Miles went for his nap.

We read The Rag Coat again. We are both really enjoying this one. When we finished we talked again about how bad it an be for our lungs to breathe in dusty contaminated air. We looked at where our lungs are located. We looked at a healthy lung and a diseased lung. We nipped our noses and breathed through a straw to try to understand how it would feel to be short of breath as may be the case in someone suffering from a lung disease.

I was quite surprised with Hermione's maths today. She casually started adding sets of three numbers together in her head - and getting the answers right. She's mastered tally marks this week too.

After lunch Miles and Hermione spent a long while making mud pies in the garden. No matter how much space there is and no matter how many toys are available, I always feel that nothing seems to draw children in the same way as a hose pipe and a patch of bare earth can.

Later in the afternoon Hermione and Nana made beeswax candles and very nice they are too!

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