Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Windy Sunset

The day started just before 5.00 am today. A bit early for my liking. Not sure what woke me first, Miles or the thunder. To be woken at 5.00am by thunder is very unusual and strangely pleasant in my view. Being woken by Miles at 5.00am is a regular occurrence and not at all pleasant. Suffice to say I've felt rather sluggish today. What zing I had was all fizzled out by 5.10am.

We had planned on starting to read Who Owns the Sun? by Stacy Chbosky today, a book written and illustrated by a fourteen year old. It recounts conversations between father and son about who can own the sun, wind, rain, flowers etc - no one owns them, they cannot be owned. The young boy then finds out that his father is a slave and is owned by his master. He asks his father if he is also owned by his fathers master. His father begins to cry. It's a very moving and thought provoking book.

However things never quite seem to go exactly as planned. After doing our Horizon Math we spun off on a tally mark tangent. Hermione and Lily devised their own game of sorts with the make shift tally mark flash cards we have and this kept them happily occupied for a long while.

We started to talk about Who Owns the Sun? and I explained that the story was written by a fourteen year old girl and even more extraordinary is the fact that she illustrated the book herself too. We spent time looking at the illustrations. There are lots of wonderful sky pictures which we thought were most likely watercolours. We decided to do our own watercolour skies. Hermione is really starting to take her time with watercolours and it is reflected in the finished product. She loves blending the colours together, blotting them up and experimenting with shades. She called her painting 'Windy Sunset'. Once the impromptu painting session was over lunch was almost ready and Miles was stirring from his nap. We cleared everything away and will attempt again tomorrow what I thought we may do today. Ho hum, what's it matter? Why educate otherwise if you can't be flexible?

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