Saturday, 30 June 2007

I'm so pleased I have finally realised that titles are optional with blogger. I'm a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to all things technical.

I mentioned to Hermione this morning that we were moving on from our slavery studies next week to something a little lighter - Beatrix Potter. I've now got a copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, the Beatrix Potter book from the 'Real Lives' series and whats more Craig and Hermione are planning a trip to the Lake District this month and may well make it to the Beatrix Potter Museum - so, no time like the present to check out Beatrix! She was full of enthusiasm and keen to make a start, so we did. We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and talked about some of the moral issues - how Peter didn't listen to his mother and consequently almost found himself in a pie like his father had.

Hermione made a story disc and located England on our big map of the world. We also discovered this website which kept her busy for a long while listening to story snippets and playing online games.

Soo watched a dvd about the life of Beatrix Potter the other day. She thinks it may be suitable for Hermione and Lily to watch. I'm going to check it out. Here is the theme tune with some good images of the Lake District.

Following this flurry of activity we made bookmarks with food coloring and kitchen roll. Once our flimsy creactions were dry we added a couple of shiny stars and laminated them. I think one will be winging it's way to Uncle Brian very shortly.

Here they are in production

and here's a couple of the finished product


Michelle said...

We think you're bookmarks are beautiful.

Clo is 6 and loves the film "Miss Potter" - there is a very sad part though and she cried the first couple of times watching that scene. Didn't cry the 3rd time.

Very good look at Edwardian England as well.

Michelle said...

you're - honestly. why dont i spot mistakes before i send?

Claire said...

Thank you for your comment about our bookmarks. They were good fun and easy to make too.

Good to hear Clo enjoys the film. Hopefully Hermione and Lily will enjoy it too.