Sunday, 1 July 2007

This morning we read the Beatrix Potter title from the Real People Real Lives series. We had read it once before but Hermione was really keen to hear it again.

By mid morning the skies were looking slightly brighter so Hermione and Craig headed off to a small green type festival a few miles away. They joined in a Junk Beat Workshop and made a rather interesting instrument from an old soup carton and some sticks! There had been lots of other craft stalls, people on stilts and such likes. Unfortunately they hadn't been there long when it started to rain again. This didn't deter Hermione but Craig seemed to have lost enthusiasm at that point.

In the meantime I stayed home with Miles. I was quite industrious during his nap time today. I made Raw Raisin Fudge. It was really easy to make. I just stuck a cup of raisins, a cup of sunflower seeds, some cinnamon and a dollop of honey into the blender. Whizzed it up then put it in the freezer for an hour or so. It was delicious even if I do so myself. Miles ate most of it but Hermione refused to even try it!

Having made the fudge I decided that my NVC training programme had stood on the shelf untouched for long enough. I listened to the first of nine cd's and found it really interesting. It sounds so easy but in practice is so hard. Trying to move beyond the way I have always been conditioned to think and act - moving away from punishment, reward, criticism and blame. I'm looking forward to the rest of the course.

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