Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Taekwondo, veggies and naff nursing

It's been a roller coaster day, highs, lows and lots in between.

The day started with me feeling rather fragile. Miles challenges every belief I've ever had about children and parenting. I'm struggling. The issue which is currently at the fore is nursing. Nursing etiquette - or lack of it - to be precise! He bites, scratches, nips and picks at the breast the whole time he nurses. It's gone on a long while as I gritted my teeth and went with it as I thought he could be teething. It's now gone on for too long. He's not teething. I'm sore, pained and dreading big feeds. What's more whenever I tell him 'no' he either laughs or goes into complete furious hysterics and does it all the more. This is really affecting our nursing relationship and I feel desperately sad about it. Other than keep repeating 'no' I don't really know what to do. I really do hate the idea of boundaries, discipline and all that business with children. Hermione and I have done just fine without them. But Miles isn't Hermione. I don't know what to do here and I really am loosing sleep over this one - not just the current nursing issue but the general adversarial nature of my baby :-(

On a more positive note we have all spent lots of time in the garden in between showers today - and during showers too sometimes. At one point lightening was flashing close by but there was no rain so the fun went on! We've played volley ball, badminton and another bat and ball game with a sort of cupped style bat which will no doubt have a proper name.

I've booked places for Hermione and Lily on a Taekwondo Fun Week next week. They are going every day for two hours for an introduction to Taekwondo. They're both very enthusiastic and hopefully it will go well. Also booked places on a Big Art Sculpture Day later in August. I really dislike the school holidays in the sense that we avoid a lot of our usual haunts because they are busy but at the same time it's great to be able to take advantage of all of the activities laid on by the leisure services. This is or first big summer holiday here but certainly where we lived before the school holiday events were very poorly attended by the holidaying school children - we were often the only people there which was quite nice!

I took a breather from it all earlier this evening and popped out into the garden with the camera.
The onions are doing well..

..as are the tomatoes...


..alpine strawberries..

...and broad beans.

I love my garden. It's my therapy.

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