Thursday, 26 July 2007

I'm going to make this brief as Miles is suffering from some sort of lurgy which has of one of many symptoms a strong desire to get up at 3.00am and watch TV, meaning therefore that I'm off soon to catch up on some sleep before tonight's shenanigans begin. Oh the joys of parenthood!

Hermione and Lily decided today they had had enough of the taekwando camp and Hermione had a little grumble about 'ruffians'. Having been and watched I understand where she's coming from with that comment although my main complaint was with the instructor not the other children. He used the word 'girl' as some sort of derogatory term over and over again - as in, 'come on, stop acting like a girl'. Very annoying and something I would have liked to have taken up with him had I not had to dash off to baby gym with Miles. Perhaps I should save the complaint as I have already had two with that particular leisure centre this week. One day earlier in the week we went along and work was being carried out in the corridors. The solvent smell was overpowering and both Hermione and myself had a headache almost instantly. After a short time I felt Miles was looking 'odd' and decided we needed to leave pronto and get him into the fresh air. We were a long way from reception so Nana took a 'sod it' attitude and went to open an emergency exit to let us out. It was locked. Tried another, also locked. Tried three, all locked. Calls to Fire Brigade and Health and Safety Executive in order I thought. Heard nothing more from Health and Safety Executive about the works being carried out with public present but the Fire Service did get back to me to say the doors were faulted and are now being fixed. Disgraceful.

Today's highlight for me has had to be my lunch, lovingly prepared by Soo from the things we are growing in our garden. The only thing not from the garden is the poppy seeds and an apple (ours aren't ripe yet). It was more like art than a meal but delicious all the same!

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