Saturday, 7 July 2007

This morning Hermione and Nana headed off to the Village Summer Fete and bought a wide array of Summer Fete nick nack type things - more stuff to be dusted and tidied!

This afternoon we went fruit picking. This was Miles first time fruit picking and he loved it! He ate almost all of what he picked *blush* and I did feel rather embarrassed as we passed through the check out area with one toddler with red stained face and red t shirt. Just as well we actually bought lots too.

I later made a raw chocolate berry cake. The base layer is made from hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins. Then there is a layer of banana mashed with raw cacao powder followed by a mountain of strawberries and raspberries.

I placed a 'wanted' post on Freecycle last week for some needlecraft items as I'm hoping to organise a little gathering here at my home for local heme ed children to get together and do some crafty bits and bobs. I had a reply and Craig went to collect this evening. I'm astounded by all the wool, patterns and threads the lady has given us. There is one big black bin bag full plus a large carrier bag and a box. Hopefully this will give the children lots of scope to do different things as there's wool of so many colours and textures.

Here are the random remembrances of the past few days.

We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit again and also listened to The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and The Tale of Tom Kitten. We went on to look at pictures of rabbits and hares . We compared the two and learned that one big difference is that rabbits are born without fur. We checked out a clip of new born rabbits on Youtube. They look like little pigs.

We looked at lots of animals and decided whether when living in the wild they generally made their home under ground or not.

Hermione and Nana went to a workshop called Shipshape for Flapjack at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. They really enjoyed it. They considered whether various things would sink or float and the group was then split into teams to make a boat with a pack which was provided. Nana and Hermione's team won!

The girls went dancing two nights this week instead of their usual one. It was an extra rehearsal in readiness for the show they are putting on next week.

Life feels quite hectic right now although I guess that is all about to change with the arrival of the school summer holidays. Rainbows, Badgers and possibly dancing will end next week. I'm hoping that there will be some good activities on at the local libraries and museums over the holidays.

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