Monday, 9 July 2007

Main news of the day is that we have had no rain! This is the first dry day we have had in weeks so needless to say most of it was spent in the garden.

We did come in for a short while this morning, just long enough to read Aunt Isabel Tells A Good One by Kate Duke. It is a story about telling a story. It talks about having a good title, setting the scene (when and where the story is set), introducing characters, heroes and heroines, villains and happy endings. The story in itself wasn't brilliant, far from it to be frank, but it did set us thinking about the best 'ingredients' for a good story.

This evening Hermione went to Badgers. She really enjoyed it as usual. The theme was masks and disguises today. She came home painted like a panda. I have to say that I wonder where the first aid actually comes into it all but I'm not going to get hung up on that, she enjoys it and that's the main thing.

Other than that not a lot has happened round here in the last day or so. Craig and Hermione went ten pin blowing yesterday. Nana and Hermione started the long awaited Knifty Knitting yesterday too.

Tomorrow is our first needlecraft gathering here. I hope it goes well. Off to sort out a few odds and ends in readiness.


shell said...

yeah, we had like one day of summer too....then today i got drenched went i went out for a walk on the downs...and the weather had looked so promising! oh well...

Claire said...

Hi Shell

It's great to see you here :-)

I've had a good day on the raw front today too - 100%!!! I've not managed that very often. Doubt I'll manage much more than 50% tomorrow though as I know I will be drawn in by soup, bread and chocolate cake at our needlecraft get together.

Here's hoping for more sunshine tomorrow!