Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I felt inspired today to get my bellymask out of the cupboard. Well it's a bit of a heavily pregnant torso mask as opposed to just belly. I remember the fun Craig and I had making it that night. Trying to stand still on a plastic sheet, covered in plaster and vaseline for a long while. Still makes me smile. I can certainly recommend it to anyone contemplating it. I know I had the kit a long while and almost left it too late. I'm glad now that I didn't.

We started the day with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. After that we had a look at this write up about Herman possibly the biggest bunny. We got our bathroom scales out and made up his weight so that we could feel just how huge this big bunny is.

We chatted about different kinds of rabbits. How there are various breeds. We talked in particular about angora rabbits.

We talked some more about the story and how the man in the story would have to organise his vegetable garden so as not to have too much or too little of each thing he planned on growing. We got some fruit and veg out of our kitchen and made a graph of what we had.

The girls asked if they could get out the watercolours. I didn't feel up for the mess that would inevitable follow so suggested they try using my watercolour pencils. They hadn't used them before and really enjoyed them. Hermione used them like an ordinary pencil much of the time but I guess that's fine.

A friend called unexpectedly around lunch time to see if she could call over this afternoon with her children to play. It was a lovely afternoon and made all the better that it was last minute and therefore I hadn't had time to stress about tidying up before hand! A lovely impromptu gathering!

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