Sunday, 15 July 2007

Tired and weary

I feel so tired and weary right now. I'm in desperate need of some ooomph. I just don't know what to do! I'm conscious of spreading myself very thinly and not doing anything particularly well. I need to sort myself out somehow.

Over the past few days we have read Martin Luther King by Verna Wilkins. We enjoyed it. It touched on Rosa Parks too.

Hermione took part in her first public dance performance at a local village hall. I felt quite nervous on her behalf before hand but thankfully all went well. She thoroughly enjoyed it but was absolutely worn out the next day.

We went strawberry picking again. Hermione was worn out from her late night the night before and lounged on the grass a lot whilst Miles reclined in the strawberry plants. They made a brief effort at the start but it has to be said that the credit goes to Nana for filling the baskets this week.

Craig has bought Hermione a soprano saxophone. He has been learning to play the alto sax since the start of the year and Hermione is very keen to play too. She doesn't know he has bought one yet as it's not expected to arrive till next week. Should be a nice surprise for her. There is a Saturday music school not too far away from here which apparently does reasonably priced lessons and offers children the opportunity to play together. It's finished now for the summer break but it's certainly something we will look into come September.

We have made beads from air drying clay and will paint them when they have dried completely. We've also made masks.

Our broccoli plants were starting to look weary so we have picked, blanched and frozen what was left - which was quite a lot. It feels so good to be filling the freezer with home grown organic veg. We are going to dig over and feed the patch they have come out of and try growing some spinach and pak choi.

I am reading Hold On To Your Kids - Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate at the minute. It's certainly making me think, particularly about how my attachment relationship with Hermione changed when Miles came along. It makes some very interesting points about how the strength of attachment children have with their parents affects the relationships they have with their peers and visa versa. I'm no longer the parenting book junkie I once was but I'm pleased I decided to check this one out. So far it's making sense.

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I found that book an interesting read too.