Monday, 2 July 2007

It has been a lovely day today, even if only because the rain let up long enough for us to spend an hour in the garden this afternoon. The sun was really bright and it was lovely and warm. The garden is flourishing. The hydrangeas and marigolds are beginning to bloom. Lots of buds on the sweetpeas too.

This morning Hermione and Craig headed off to Richmond Castle to meet up with a group of other home edding families for a guided tour. They were shown around the Castle, heard stores and tried on costumes. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I made more raw fudge for Miles while they were out. I used pumpkin seeds and dates today. It worked out just the same. He really enjoyed it again.

This afternoon the girls watched Miss Potter. They enjoyed it although Hermione was starting to get a bit restless towards the end. She takes after me in that respect. I have difficulties sitting still for long periods too.

Our Knifty Knitters arrived today. They look cool. I can't wait to get started. If I start now I may have made a hat come winter time. I also ordered the ideas booklet and have to say I am a bit disappointed with that. I think we have come up with some better ideas between us. I particularly like Nana's idea of matching snood and boob tube set!!!


Tech said...

Ooh we were there - wonder who your lot were! Mine really enjoyed it :)

Claire said...

What a small world :-) I'm pleased to hear your lot enjoyed it too. I've popped over to your blog for a look and feel really inspired by your bellymask. I haven't done anything with mine. Perhaps it's time I should :-)

Thanks for calling by and hopefully we will be able to put faces to names at some local event soon.


Tech said...

Hi saw your comment and popped back over :)

I didn't do anything with mine for ages, but then one day I felt inspired to just do it. It was a couple of days after my little boy was 2 and happened to be during the time one of my best friends was in labour, which was kind of freaky after the event lol.

I used a metallic paint that is designed for wood, and then used a glittery varnish after it had dried, so it's quite hard wearing, but that was only because it was what I had to hand. I think acrylic paint would work just as well. The edges were a bit of a worry because they were so much thinner, even though I went back around the edges with some extra mod roc after the cast initially dried, to try and strengthen them a bit. In the end they were fine though.

If you want to email me I'll send you a link to my proper blog (it's passworded) there are a couple of photos of yesterday on it. email is

tech at thewoodlandpath dot co dot uk

Claire said...

I've mailed you.