Monday, 16 July 2007

The wanderers return

Craig and Hermione are back from their trip to the Lake District. They went yesterday morning and came back late this afternoon having spent a night in a Travel Lodge on one of those bargain £15 room rates.
Yesterday they went to South Lakes Wild Animal Park. We have been here before. It compares very favourably in my mind with other zoos I have visited as the animal have large enclosures and they do a lot of conservation work.

Today they visited Beatrix Potter World. This had been the highlight of the trip for Hermione and seemingly the lowest point for Craig. Hermione thought it was 'beautiful' and has gushed about the characters since she came home. Craig on the other hand thought it was one of the most unappealing attractions he has ever visited. There's no accounting for taste!!

They had then travelled on to Rheged which hadn't quite lived up to their expectations. Craig was surprised to find that it was some sort of shopping complex. Hermione didn't fancy going into a cinema - which seems to be the main thing there. In the end they opted to paint a tiger figure, have lunch and head home.

Here at home we have been very busy too. It's been a lovely day for gardening. I've planted pak choi and spinach seeds. Sorted out my strawberry cuttings and thinned out the wall flowers I've grown from seed.

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Jax said...

looks like a great short break.