Friday, 1 June 2007

A Wiz and a Didgeridoo

On Thursday we completed our study of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. We paused at the point where the girl collects the sugarcane and asked where sugar actually comes from. Hermione thought it grows like wheat and then gets ground up into sugar - close but not quite. We looked at (and tasted) different types of sugar - icing sugar, granulated sugar, demerara and molasses.

We looked at pictures of sugarcane and talked about how they can grow metres tall. We also looked at pictures of sugarbeets.

On the afternoon Nana, Hermione and Lily headed off to the Gala Theatre to see The Wiz performed by Durham Stage School. They enjoyed it but interestingly it wasn't the traditional production they had expected. The Wizard of Oz was an Elvis character and there were many other modern twists.

Today was an early start as we headed off to a workshop at an Arts Centre in Darlington about the Aboriginal way of life. We heard about possums, gathering insects to eat, how to encapture a kangaroo and lots of other fascinating things. One of the men presenting the workshop played the didgeridoo.

This afternoon was spent pottering in the garden. I am amazed at how the veg is coming on at the moment. We have had quite a few heavy downpours followed by sunny spells which is no doubt helping. Some radish seeds which Nana planted directly into the ground last week are already showing through and I think some lettuces will soon be ready to be picked - very exciting!

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Schuyler said...

Last time we were in Australia we had sugar cane from David's parents' garden. They were deep in the drought so it was a hard suck to get any sugar from the cane. David grew up in the tropics, when he wasn't in boarding school, so sucking on sugar cane was a normal experience to him. Just a week ago Linnaea and David swiped what they thought was a turnip from the fields behind our house when walking Pickle and discovered they were sugar beets. I boiled it for a while and it made a very sweet, but turnipy, syrup. It is amazing to have those kinds of connections to hand.