Sunday, 17 June 2007

A time for change

We've not done a lot in the way of structured stuff n the past few days. I've felt preoccupied and uneasy. Although all is going very well with our circle time I feel things aren't quite in balance for Hermione. Since Miles came along one on one time has been at a premium for her. A lot of that time is taken up with circle time and I feel I need to change that. I need to prioritise time for the two of us to just hang out and do the sort of things we never seem to find time for these days. Time to give her a massage, file her nails, bake a cake, make a bath oil, chat over a glass of juice and a biscuit, the simple stuff which really matters. I guess I've taken stock and realise I need to take a much more holistic approach to her development right now. I've become a bit too narrow in focus I think.

Another thing changed this week, I grew a year older. I received some lovely presents including a garden bench, a papasan chair for my study, silk paints and a Deva Premal cd amongst other things. On the evening I debated what to do and in the end decided to go it alone to one of my favourite beaches. It was quite a hike and I worried the whole time in case Miles woke and wanted milk as well as his Daddy, but it was worth the drive and worry to walk along that beach and taste the spray.

I'm reading Celebrating the Great Mother by Cait Johnson and Maura Shaw right now. I say 'reading' but it's really one of those books for dipping into rather than reading cover to cover. I can recommend it to anyone with an interest in earth connected parenting.

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