Monday, 11 June 2007

This and that...

Over the past few days we have;

* Attended a workshop for home edded children at The Centre for Life in Newcastle. The workshop was about forces and friction.

* Went into Durham to buy crafty bits to make invitations for a Rainbows get together. Later made the invites.

* Ordered the next volume of Five In A Row

* Had lots of hose pipe and mud play in the garden

* Visited friends for play and chat.

* Picked lettuces out of the garden

* Researched how best to keep slugs off said lettuces without using any chemicals - we're going to give garlic a try - adding to watering can and complimentary planting

* Visited Metroland

* Went to Badgers and took part in a tape recorded radio broadcast from Badgers FM. Hermione read out the traffic news, '..this is the traffic news, there is a hole in Durham..'???? This is part of the ongoing work towards the Entertainment Badge.

* Emailed Tyne and Wear Museums to see if we could partake in any of the schools activities to mark the anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

* Hermione made a quilt out of pieces of card with a note on each piece about something which is special

* Put up our new world map which we bought from these people. I'm very impressed with it at £6.99 for a nice clear 100cm x 140cm map. We transferred all of our story discs.

* Noted the apples on our apple tree really starting to swell.

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