Friday, 22 June 2007

Elderflower Lemonade etc

A great time was had by all at the Summer Solstice Faerie Party last night. Hermione was rather hyper when she arrived home and didn't go to sleep till late but she's been fine today.

Today we started the day with our normals followed by another reading of Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. After this we talked about the importance of maps and how people have used them for years to find their way from place to place. Brief chat also about navigating stars but we didn't go into much detail. I think we'll leave that one for when we read The Drinking Gourd. Hermione made her own map complete with key and compass which apparently shows you the way to France and Chad (independent of Africa) via the North Star.

After circle time we headed off to a nearby spot where there are masses of elderflower bushes, far away from the road and fumes. We picked about twenty flower heads and hurried on home to start making elderflower lemonade. We washed the flowers well and then snipped the flowers away from the stalk.

We added, sugar, the juice of a lemon plus water and stirred well.

We put it to one side to stand for about half an hour before straining it and drinking it with lunch. Delicious!

Craig's handyman friend called by today to do a few jobs around the house and he made us a garden swing. He just put it together with some bits of decking while Hermione was out at her dancing lesson. She was very impressed when she arrived home. We are all very impressed.

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