Monday, 28 April 2008

Badgers, owl puke and art group

I am delighted to report that the owl puke is gone. The dozens of teeny weeny smelly bones held very little appeal after a while. I got sick of moving them around trying to find a place where Miles wouldn't get them, and also where I couldn't see them or smell them. Craig and Hermione sorted them all in the tray and started a reconstruction but I could tell they weren't enjoying it, so (with their permission) I threw them away. I'm really pleased we did it. It has been a good learning experience as I doubt very much that any of us will forget our close encounter with an owl pellet in a hurry.

We've not been far this last week or so. We waited in one whole day for a delivery man who didn't turn up. We then waited in the whole of another day for a delivery man who did eventually turn up - unfortunately with a broken wardrobe. Today we have stayed in all afternoon waiting for the delivery driver to come and collect the broken wardrobe yet it's still in our hall. Deep breaths...counting to ten.....I feel irate telephone calls coming on in the morning....

This morning we did venture out to a new home ed art group which has set up just a couple of miles away from us. It was really good as both Miles and Hermione enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. There really is a great trend around here in the home ed community. Lots of things are going from strength to strength. Take this art group for example, it's held in a hall right in the centre of the city, prime development land, yet the owners of the hall have agreed to rent it to the local Steiner group for their purposes and home ed group meetings for less than £600 a year. What a great resource! City centre hall for home ed use - at minimal rent! I'm hoping we will see lots of good stuff going on there. There has already been talk of a paper aeroplane club, lapbooking session and a book club for parents who wish to meet one evening every few weeks to discuss a choice of parenting book and renew their 'vital enquiry into parenting'. All sounds good to me.

This evening we went to a presentation by the St Johns Ambulance. Hermione was presented with a few certificates and a medal by the mayor. Here she is with part of her group and also presenting the mayor with flowers.

Did anyone do anything for the Downshifting Week? I did some things but I'll have to save that for another night. I'm hoping to plant my spring onion seeds before the light fades.


Wobblymoo said...

Didn't do anything for downshifting week, well I suppose I probably did but not intentionally :) The hall sounds really god, we might even get chance to come along at some time

Claire said...

we did our best in care badget
the badger promise
from hermione