Friday, 18 April 2008

Junior Life Saver

Today Hermione attended a Junior Life Saver Day organised by the Badger Sett she attends.

She had to be there by 9am complete with packed lunch. I'm so glad I don't have to contend with school runs. I guess you get used to it but for us that transition from pyjamas to clothes can often take much of the morning.

From 9am till 3pm they practiced first aid techniques. She was very keen to place us all in the recovery position when she came home this evening *grin*. She did it remarkably well too. They had also learned what to do in the case of minor burns and a few bandage techniques to help in dealing with cuts and sprains.

They had watched a health and safety video which dealt with various situations. The video showed a boy trying to come downstairs on his roller blades - resulting in a nasty fall and broken leg. It also featured a girl drinking copious amounts of alcohol, so much so that she was poisoned. Oh, then there was also the middle aged couple who had an argument and after having been hit with a handbag the man fell and cut his hand on some glass which was lying on the floor.

At 3pm they headed off as a group to a local cafe where you can paint clay models and collect them another day glazed and fired. Hermione hasn't told us what she painted, she wants to surprise us. After that it was baked potatoes all round and home for just before 6pm.

It has been a very different but also very enjoyable day for us all. Hermione has never been away from her immediate family for such a long period. I think we were both a little apprehensive about this yesterday, (not in a huge way, she just menioned that it would be the first time she had spent a day without her family), but it has worked out fine. It's been lovely to be able to spend one to one time with Miles without regularly checking that Hermione is also happy and content in whatever she's doing. Hermione also seems to be feeling very upbeat about her burst of independence.


Bridget said...

Well Done Hermione. Mine don't go far without me, that's another reason why we do Guides and Beavers, it gives then some independance.

Wobblymoo said...

Well done Hermione, at least I know she'll be able to sort me out :)