Thursday, 3 April 2008

Mother Nature at the Laing

This morning we went welly boot shopping. Not the most enthralling task but necessary all the same if the children will insist on wading on in to any water we see.

This afternoon we went to the Laing Art Gallery. Nana and Hermione attended a session called 'Mother Nature'. There had been about a dozen other home educated children there.

The session involved working in teams to create a picture from a written description they were provided with. They then had to find the painting which they had reproduced within the gallery (the description being of an actual painting the gallery was displaying). I guess this is something you could easily do independently and it need not necessarily be of a painting in a gallery - it could be of a particular kind of tree, animal or structure.

While they beavered away me and Miles had fun in the hands on gallery for under fives. It's a lovely little area which Hermione and I used to visit a lot when she was younger and we lived closer.

When we returned home our order of Horizon books had arrived. The next set of maths books are pretty much like the first just obviously getting progressively more challenging. The spelling and grammar books arrived too. I've just glanced through them and they appear to have some great activities in them which I hope will encourage Hermione to write, but they are also rather biblical and geared up towards a structured five day week. I think they made need a little bit of tinkering but then they'll be just fine.

Having been round the hustle and bustle of town I couldn't wait to get out into the garden. I know the weather forecast is poor for the weekend but I've planted out some runner beans and peas. They are really starting to bolt in the heat of the house and I'm worried that I'll be left with weak straggly plants. If they are finished off by a late frost I'll just start over again as I've plenty seeds left over. I love it when the pea and bean wigwams are up, it makes it look like a real veg patch. I'm even hoping that we might knock up a traditional looking scarecrow this year too. I remember seeing them in gardens as a child. I've ordered a Worzel Gummidge DVD from Amazon Rentals to help inspire us *grin*.


Sarahs Home said...

I have just found your blog through the Muddle Puddle website, I think that we may live in a similar part of the country. I was wondering what the Music academy is that you have mentioned in your blog. I have a child who is desperate to learn an instrument but I cant find anywhere for her to go. We dont HE but are keen to show the children that learning is not all about been in the classroom. if you can help I would greatly appreciate it.

sarah x

Claire said...

Hi Sarah

The Music Academy is a not for profit organisation which aims to enable children and their parents to learn to play an instrument. They have a wide range of instruments (woodwind, string and brass)for people to use, or you can take your own if you have one. They encourage children and parents to learn together. Craig and Hermione go together and both have a lesson. The lessons are in small groups as opposed to one to one. The cost for the first person attending is £3 then £2.50 for each additional member of the family after that. As well as the lessons where they play the instruments there are also theory sessions and practices for performances. They don't pay any extra to join in these after paying the intial £3 or £2.50.

Feel free to email me if you would like further details and I'll try to find the telephone number of the man who organises it for you.

Wobblymoo said...

I've got my peas in, hoping they'll survive left to their own devices. The gallery looks good