Monday, 14 April 2008

Unplugged Project - food

The theme for this weeks Unplugged Project was food.

This was excuse enough to whip out the superfoods and try out more raw chocolate concoctions.

We melted a couple of chunks of raw cacao butter and cacao liquor. We whizzed up a handful of goji berried and coconut in the blender and added it to the melted chocolate. We then stirred in a few spoonfuls of mesquite powder, lucuma and crystal manna. We left it to set and then ate it. Delicious *grin*.

It's wonderful to be able to give the children free reign to eat lots of chocolate knowing it is so good for them. Good for children to make too as there's no cooking involved.


John said...

Okay you've totally lost me, I don't think I've ever used any of those ingredients! Anything chocolate has to be good though and healthier chocolate is something I should try. I really to love Hershey bars though. I went the healthy route this week with fruit and green (spinach) smoothies.

Heather said...

I love this idea. It sounds delicious. I am going to have to try and see if I can find the ingredients. Thanks

Chrissy said...

Sounds delicious, thanks for the great ideas!

Bridget said...

Looks scrummy!What time do you want me round? Oh and tea please!

Claire said...

Milk and sugar Bridget?

Michie said...

I don't know most of those ingredients either, although my mother does sell Goji berry juice. Never thought about trying to mix it with chocolate before - wonder if it'd work?

Piseco said...

Mmmm... looks so good! I need to follow your lead and try my own hand at raw and healthy chocolate goodness.

Anonymous said...

This is way over my head I am afraid. Although if it contains chocolate , then it must be yummy. I think you win the prize for the most original entry this week Claire!

Bridget said...

Milk , no sugar!

Claire said...

*I think you win the prize for the most original entry this week Claire!*

Thank you :-)

CJ said...

WoW Claire,

Like some of the others I've not heard of most of the ingrediants, where do you buy them from, where do get the recipes from.Any good books to read on the subject.

You know you ought to have a seperate blog, with just your recipes, raw food healthy eating ideas on.

Sometimes I go check out these places, but get completely baffeled and put off, I need it I'm afraid in laymens terms.

Think you could help me here Claire ;-)

Well done you, for most original entry at unplugged :-)

CJ x

Claire said...

Raw...where do I start?

We try to incorporate raw foods into our diet because they are so good for us. Cooking reduces the nutritional content of food and also kills the live enzymes - which places strain on your body as it then has to manufacture more digestive enzymes to break your food down.

We buy most of our raw superfoods from Shazzie at her online shop Detox Your World. They're not cheap but you don't have to eat massive quantities to make a difference to how you feel.

We also try to eat our fruit and veg raw a lot of the time. We are gradually learning about more and more wild foods which we can pick for free and use in the kitchen. There are lots of wild leaves and flowers that can be used in salads. Some blossoms make lovely tea too. Obviously you need to check out this stuff really well before you actually eat it :-) There are sites on the web that help you to identify stuff. Foraging like this helps reduce the cost of raw living.

While I can see all the benefits I also really enjoy cooked food too :-) Particularly in winter when raw is in my view very difficult to manage. I'm certainly not superhealthy or slim - perhaps I would be if I were totally committed to raw but I'm not. I think it's like most things, you can only do what you can, when you can. I love raw food but I'm also very partial to a few glasses of wine with my curry and naan bread :-)

There are lots of books out there and I've bought a few but I have to say there are none that I would really rate highly. I think the best thing is to check out raw blogs which are often packed full of recipes and great pictures. is a nice raw blog and it has links to lots of others.

CJ said...

Thanks Claire for such a detailed answer, off to check the blog link out. Ta

CJ x