Thursday, 17 April 2008

Horizons, swimming lessons, drawings etc

Last night was Hermione's first one to one swimming lesson. It was fantastic, the pool was very quiet and the instructor got in the pool with her. The instructor respected the fact that she didn't feel ready to dip her head right under the water (unlike her last experience with a swimming instructor) and everything went swimmingly if you'll pardon the pun. I hope that within a few weeks she will have grown in confidence and be happy to go into a group lesson as at £13.50 for half an hour the one to one tuition isn't an indefinite option.

Hermione finished the Horizon Math book she has been working on the past few months today. We are making big headway with basic maths and literacy right now, and as she's so keen to do so much workbook based stuff (which totally surprises me as she's never been into them before) I feel I'm managing to take it a bit easier than I usually do. By the time she's reached saturation point for the day with her workbooks she's keen to play - and not so keen to do the project and literature based stuff we have always done in the past. I'm sure we'll level off and achieve some sort of balance again soon though.

Lots of drawing today. Hermione drew a rather chintzy looking girl.

Miles drew patterns all over the clock faces I had started preparing to make a time telling game for Hermione. That'll teach me to leave anything I value lying around in close proximity to a box of felt tips!

We dodged the showers and planted out the leeks. Not much more than blades of grass right now. I've put them down the bottom of the patch out of the way as it will be so long before we are picking them. I had help.

We were watched by hens and rabbit, all behaving in a really frantic manner. They hate it when anyone is in the veg patch. The fact they have a big garden to peck about in suddenly becomes irrelevant at the prospect of possibly missing out on a juicy worm we may unearth. Bit of hen psychology there. I *suspect* that is what they are thinking.

With there being less evening preparation to do on the education front right now I've decided to arrange another sewing evening with some home ed friends. Last time we made reusable shopping bags. This time the plan is to make cloth sanitary towels. I need to spend a bit of time googling for patterns and tips. Only hope the evening doesn't lead to any further embarrassment in Tescos. On the last occasion when folks came round Hermione and I called in Tescos that morning to buy some wine and snacks. The guy on the checkout asked her why she wasn't at school. Usually she's very good and explains enthusiastically that she's home educated. However, on this occasion she announced, 'I'm not doing lessons today. I'm helping mummy to buy wine for the sewing mothers'. His face was a picture! I guess he's heard the dentist/chicken pox/occasional day reasons before but never that one!


Wobblymoo said...

Hehe, could be very embarrassing if she knows what you will be sewing. Will have to still cry off this one, but will be there next time :)

Bridget said...

Your veg patch looks so lovely, weed free and what lovely straight rows. Beautiful.

Lynn said...

What a great idea to get friends round and make things.I have read a lot about people making reusable pads in a few blogs lately.Would be interested to know how practical people find using them.

Enjoying hearing about and seeing your veg plot,I am a little behind but hope to get organised this weekend,fingers crossed. xx

Claire said...

Lovely to see you back online Denise. I hope you're taking it really easy and that you are being well looked after :-)

Rest assured Bridget I only photograph the tidy parts of the veg patch. There's the tidy bit - then there's the rest.

I find the reusable pads to be fine Lynn. I splashed out about £40 on a dozen or so pads seven years ago. I've had no problems whatsoever with them. I think they're great and they're still going strong! Green issues aside, think of all the money I've saved! I've not made my own before though. I'm a bit of a novice with the sewing machine but hopefully it'll be fine.