Friday, 4 April 2008

Bird boxes, bugs and black bags

Hermione made a bird box today - with a lot of help from a very capable handyman. It's excellent. I'm very impressed. I'm going to Google and try to pick up a couple of pointers on where best to put it.

We also made a start on our caterpillar to butterfly experiment. More on that later. Need to find some caterpillars before we can really get underway. Apparently they tend to hang out on nettles at this time of year.
Perhaps I can combine preparation for our experiment with preparation for a pan of soup I've been thinking of making.

Our owl puke and book arrived today. I'm very excited about this too. I read all about it here on CJ's blog a couple of days ago and then managed to pick one up on Amazon Market Place for a penny plus postage - bargain! I think we'll do it over the weekend or next week.

With the predicted cold snap drawing closer I've done my best to protect my young plants with straw and plastic bags. Keeping everything crossed now and hoping that they'll be OK.


CJ said...

I'm glad you managed to get your book for such a good price...did it include the owl puke too?

We've just started our caterpillar experimen, I'm getting Tom to document it via a new blog.

I've put together a list of ideas for things to do regarding caterpillars and butterflies, I'm interested in what you are doing to, do tell :-)

Nettle soup....hmmm I may give it a try ;-)

CJ x

Claire said...

Yeah complete with owl puke, although it's not foil wrapped as I think it's supposed to be. Looks intact though.

Not sure what we will do to tie in with our caterpillar experiment. I've got to find some first :-) I'm sure we'll do some stuff though.

Wobblymoo said...

Let us know if the soup is any good :)

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Great bargain for the book :)

Good thinking ahead with your plants too. I didn't do mine cos they hadn't germinated. but they germinated whilst we were away and got covered with snow this morning so no idea if they will live or die now...


Claire said...

We're novices too so I'm not really sure but my mum who watches lots of gradening programmes assures me it's frost not snow which kills the young plants. Hopefully they'll be ok.