Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Unplugged Project - rocks

The theme for this weeks Unplugged Project was 'rocks'. This is our late contribution. Sun and flower.

I'm still feeling like I've got a whole load of rocks weighing me down. What with all the emotional upheaval in recent weeks, Miles has had couple of bad accidents in the last few days (including falling from the top to bottom of a flight of stairs) and now we all seem to be developing a cough again. I'm off to find a secluded spot for a big scream arghhhhhhh.....


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I do hope things look up for your soon. Is Miles OK? I hope so!

My son has always been far more prone to accidents than my daughters, it must be a "boy thing." He even broke his leg at 22 months old!

I like your project with the outdoor rock art. Thanks for joining in despite your worries. Feel better soon!

Bridget said...

I feel like that today, don't know whether to cry or scream, I'm off to do a bit of both!! Hope it gets better for you soon

CJ said...

(((((Big Hugs))))) Claire, this moment in time will pass, sunny days are on there way.

CJ x

Wobblymoo said...

Let it out, a big huuugggee scream

Claire said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

I agree with you mom, in my very limited experience I would say boys are more accident prone too. Thankfully he was ok after falling down the full flight of stairs, not a single mark on him, but a couple of days later he fell down just one stair and ended up with a big lump on his head. I'm not sure things will improve much either until I can get the message through to him that it's not a good idea to run up and down the top of the dining table or walk on windowsills.

Toddlerhood, don't you just love it :-)