Friday, 25 April 2008

Lost rabbit

It's been a tough day here today. Pringles, our free ranging, fun loving bunny, has disappeared without a trace. He's been gone for over twenty four hours now. We don't know if he has managed to somehow get out of the garden and lost his way home, or he's been carried off by a fox which has some how made it's way in. Hermione has been in tears off and on throughout the day. I do hope he's alright.

This afternoon we drove to Newcastle. Hermione and Nana went to a workshop about plants at the Centre for Life. Hermione had enjoyed it but was in a big rush to get home to see if Pringles had reappeared while we were away - which he hadn't.

While Hermione and Nana were at the Centre for Life I took Miles to the Discovery Museum where he had great fun with lots of hands on stuff.

I like science at this stage. I can answer their questions at this level. When it goes beyond this stage I start to get confused!


Bridget said...

I know what you mean about the science questions, my dd is starting Keystage 3 maths in September and I'm looking at the workbooks and thinking I can't remember doing that for my G.S.E. I'm sure they're making it up!! I hope Pringles returns, poor thing!

CJ said...

Sorry to hear about Pringles, Claire.

It may be worth, checking sheds and greenhouses in your locality, just incase,he's escaped and he's got locked in, this time of year cats can get locked in, as people are getting lawn mowers and such out. Worth a try maybe?

CJ x