Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Look what I got for free!

One of the home ed groups we go to is really fabulous. It's not just full of great people but also a 'free table' with lots of great stuff on. It operates a bit like Freecycle. You take along anything vaguely remoted to children and if someone wants it they take it home. If your things are unclaimed at the end of the session you take them back home and possibly try again another time.

I've had lots of great things off the free table. I keep meaning to blog about a wonderful very early eighties Topsy and Tim book I picked up there. You know how Topsy and Tim deal with current social issues, (I think the latest one is 'Topsy and Tim have Head Lice'), well this one deals with meeting Asian people. It has made us laugh in parts and I guess would be considered to be not politically correct now, but in my opinion it still is a worthwhile read in 2008.

Along with mountains of books, cd roms, clothes and games, last time I was there I acquired this book rack. I have just managed to get Craig to put it up tonight and I'm delighted with it. Our play room suddenly feels like a library *grin*.

It will be great for Miles as books on shelves aren't very accessible to him. Will also be good to leave a few easy reads there for Hermione just in case she spots one and decides to do a bit of independent reading - well, one can hope!


CJ said...

Going a shade of green dure to envy over your book rack.

I want one *stamps feet*

CJ x

Bridget said...

I WANT a book rack, where can you get them from, other than your "free table" It's absolutely brilliant, you lucky thing

Michie said...

What a cool bookshelf for a kid's room. Or, for mine, for that matter!